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SSS : Steph every Single Scene


STEPH : Hey. I’m glad you stopped by. I’ve only got a sec, but…
来てくれてよかった ちょっと待ってて

Have you talked to Ethan at all?

STEPH : He’s taking really hard. But what you did for me this morning got me thinking: what if Ethan needs something like that too?
あの日の夜から…ずっと塞ぎ込んでるみたいだからさ できることがないか考えててさ

Something fun and distracting. Something like a LARP.
思いついたことがあるんだ LARPやらない?
*LAPR:Live action role-playing game

ALEX : Like the one you and Gave were gonna take him to?

STEPH : Yeah, but designed just for him. And Thaynor.
うん それであの子を主人公にしてさ

ALEX : Can we even pull that off?

STEPH : I won’t be high production value, but it’ll be still fun.

STEPH : I need your help, though. I want it to be as good as it can be. Ethan gave you one of his comics, right?
まあそれで 相談したいことがあってさ イーサンのマンガは読んだ?

So, what do you think? Who would the famous monster slayer have the most fun defeating?
じゃあ これ見て 立ちはだかるラスボスとしてふさわしいのはどっちだろ?

ALEX : Stormwither looks like a worthy opponent. He gets my vote.
ストームライザーがラスボスっぽいね こっちでいこ

STEPH : Alright then. Oh, I gotta get back in there. There’s some stuff in my comp book. It’d be cool if you could check it out, help me make some calls?
オッケー もう行かなくっちゃ あそこのノート(PC)だけどさアイデアまとめてあるから見てみて

ALEX : I’ll see what I can do.

-To be continued 続く-

💡 got me thinking
◆「人・物ごと+ got me thinking、または have got me thinking」

例1)So that got me thinking, what if our technology could sense our emotions?
例2)Now you’ve got me thinking about my mom.

💡 pull that off
「困難なことを成し遂げる」という意味の pull off
Can we even pull that off? 私たちにできると思う?
How do you pull that off? どうするつもり?、どうやって成し遂げるの?

💡 I won’t be high production value, but it’ll be still fun.
  I want it to be as good as it can be.
high production value とは、文字通り、制作に多くのお金と労力をかけること。映画などでよく使われますね。ステフがここで言っているのは「低予算でも良いものを作りたいんだ!」ということ。
◆High Production Valueについて調べたら以下のように記載ありました。
A film with high production value is one that has been made with lots of money and effort. For example, a movie studio may spend millions of dollars to ensure that the film’s special effects are top-notch. Similarly, a low production value film may have been made on a shoestring budget.

□ top-notch (口語)【形】一流の、最高の、最優秀の 【名】(the~)一流、最高
□ shoestring【名&形】靴ひも◆しばしばshoestrings〔資本・財源が〕靴ひもを買える程度の、わずかの

💡 get my vote
You’ve got my vote. 私はあなたに賛成です/私はあなた(の考え)を支持します

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